Post Production:

Inventive sound for film, television, digital, and advertising

No matter the size of the project, elevating your sound is what we love to do.

Our award-winning engineers work with artists, producers, directors and brands to create worlds of sound and music that extend beyond the boundaries of the visual narrative – resulting in a lasting emotional connection with the audience.


Talent Casting

Your voiceover needs are in good hands. Sure to find the perfect fit for your project, we source from our large talent pool — full of the best voice actors from around the world, including multilingual talent. If our talent pool doesn't have what you need, no worries! We’ve partnered with the top agencies in the country to make sure that we find the perfect voice for you. From there, we take care of booking and payment for a complete, top-to-tail talent experience.

Voice Production

It’s so much more than just voice! Our team has years of experience working with voice actors — coaching, guiding and directing them to ensure that you get all the right takes.

Mixing (Stereo, Surround)

Our engineers artfully marry audio and visuals for TV, radio, film, and digital with stereo or surround capabilities, giving your visuals the ultimate professional polish.

Multitrack Music Mixing

Our extensive background in music production enables us to cater the music mix for your production - pulling the right emotion at the right time.

Custom Sound Design

Original sound effects created our expert sound designers and access to many SFX libraries make your creative vision come to fruition.

Dialog Editing

Using a suite of noise reduction and forensic tools, our engineers clean up your field & on camera audio - removing anything distracting, allowing the viewer to focus on what matters most... the message.

Dialog Recording

With acoustically tuned voice-over booths and years of production experience, your voice production is in good hands. In person and virtual sessions are available.

Foley Recording & Editing

We make on-screen visuals come to life in the most realistic way possible. We’ve had our hands (literally) in creating life-like sounds for music videos, films, and TV commercials, and always look forward to the next challenge.

ADR Recording

With a fully equipped ADR stage and worldwide connectivity via Source Connect, we’ll capture your dialogue perfectly while providing a seamless working experience.
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