The A D M logo - a green leaf above the letters A. D. M.

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Case Study

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The Story
ADM's purpose is to unlock the power of nature, to enrich the quality of life.

They work with farms and growers to provide an outlet for their product and create innovative solutions from plant based proteins to probiotics.

ADM serves over 200 countries and houses many brands and banners.
The Challenge
With a multitude of client, investor, and consumer touchpoints — managing music licensing and emotional tone is a monumental task.
The Strategy
We first developed principles based on the brand’s fundamentals, categories, and culture. These principles originated from insights uncovered during a sonic moodboard workshop where we explored the use of different sounds against the brand.
The Solution
ADM partnered with us, Gwynne Sound, to develop a strategy that illustrated the brand’s unique character through sound. This was brought to life through a full suite of audio logos, brand themes and a catalog of category specific musical works. 

These works were rolled out across the globe to unify the wide reach of the brand’s sound.
An image of lines connected by dots depicting differing elements that combine to create a sonic brand.

Brand Facets

We also use our proprietary tool to help dive deeper into the brand’s character attributes. Through stakeholder interviews and brand character analysis we are able to create a set of facets that help make the translation from brand terms to musical terms.

The Audio Logo

The audio logo is the flagship melody of the ADM Sonic Brand. This memorable, crystallized sonic logo is the backbone of the sonic identity. The melody will be the cornerstone of most sonic touchpoints created for the brand.

The Brand Theme

The ADM brand theme, Nourish acts as a north star for the iterative creation of all future sonic assets. Within the theme, the audio logo is expanded across a longer piece of music communicating the depth, complexity and complete emotional arc of the ADM Sonic Brand.

The Brand Video

The first activation of the sonic brand was a corporate manifesto video which featured a new variation of the brand theme.

With the extended length we added additional instruments and sections to score the edit and story arc.

Music Catalog

We then created a bespoke, original library of music for use in any future marketing touchpoints. The ADM brand music catalog is organized by category, not by genre, to better suit the needs of the content creation team. These original pieces were all created by our team of composers using the ADM sonic guidelines and guiding principles of the brand.


The ADM Sonic Brand

The completed ADM Sonic Brand, including the Brand Theme, Sonic Logo, Bespoke Music Catalog and Sonic Guidelines, ensures that the music and sound being used by the brand is original, ownable and on equity across each piece of content — saving on licensing costs, empowering content creators and delivering both strategic and emotionally potent music and sound across every touchpoint, around the globe.

Wherever ADM is enriching life: inspiring teams with internal videos, sharing stories on social media or hosting a global conference — the ADM Sonic Brand is there. Flexible, memorable and as iconic as they are.

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