Dan Carruthers
August 25, 2020

f you’re reading this, then thank you for digging this deep into our site! We take great pride in everything we do, and starting this Blog is no exception. I hope you enjoy it enough to return at some point and let us know how we’re doing.

To kick things off, instead of writing about what we do, I would rather talk about why we do it. The most worthwhile endeavors are often driven by passion and purpose. We feel lucky to be able to operate with both.

We’re passionate about our work because we’ve been in love with it since we were kids. The most common thread (by far) that runs through our organization is the life-long passion and love for music (that inevitably became our purpose). I feel that music chooses you, and I love that our team has a connection and respect for one another that is driven by that understanding.

But all that said, the best part of the job is serving others. To be able to help clients and artists through an original artistic expression is simply a blessing and privilege. And we take it seriously. The final product is always born out of passion, purpose and quest for the end listener to truly feel the intent of the message - like only music can do. Music. Can’t live without it. Won’t.

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